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   To the members of Peace CRC:

   We are nearing the end of our time as interim pastor in Menno.    Reflecting on our months here reminds us of the blessing it has been.   After interim service in several churches and locations in the US and Canada we know that each church and community is unique and special in its own way. 

    Being in Menno, a rural midwest community, brings back memories of our younger years from childhood to raising our own family.   We've appreciated the quiet serenity of a country drive..... seeing the crops grow and as the season changes the beginning of harvest, the deer and turkeys feeding along the road.    It has been a joy to hear elderly members relive a past that is so reminiscent of our own.    A special blessing, since in our wandering from church to church we miss having our own garden, has been the generous sharing of wonderful homegrown garden produce.    

   It has truly been a privilege and a blessing for us to serve here.   We pray for God's blessing on the friends and family of God of the Peace CRC of Menno as we mosey on down the road.

   Betty and Bill Vis